Cold Chain Packaging

Outside of a temperature-controlled environment, the properties of certain products, foods and pharmaceuticals can become degraded. Cold chain products are used to keep a product as close as possible to its original temperature while it is in transit. This type of packaging solution is ideal for both the food and medical industries, as well as any customized product that requires temperature regulation.

Insulated box liners and vacuum-insulated panels protect sensitive products from harmful temperature fluctuations throughout their distribution journey.

Temperature containment packaging can be used in addition to other packaging methods, if your product is both temperature sensitive and breakable.

Insulated Bubble Cushioning

Insulated bubble cushioning is an economical solution for shipping perishable items, such as food or pharmaceuticals. Custom die-cut bubbles can be used to transform ordinary packaging into a lightweight cooler for transport.

Insulated Box Liners

This insulated packaging helps extend the shelf life and delivery radius of temperature-sensitive products. Suitable for food service, pharmaceutical and delicate product use.