Packaging Solutions for Transportation

The manufacturing and repair of automotive vehicles requires thousands of different parts and components. It’s no wonder that it requires many years of experience and expertise to work in the automotive industry. Your automotive company needs a partner in packaging and shipping who also has decades of experience working in your industry.

Ivex has over 40 years of experience as a leading innovator in packaging and shipping solutions. We excel at working with the automotive industry because companies in it often require specialized solutions, not a one-size-fits-all approach. Our custom-designed products and wide array of economical and effective shipping materials allows us to meet every packaging need of automotive parts manufacturers, distributors, and repair service customers.

Here are a few of the Ivex products that our auto industry partners tend to gravitate toward:

Superior Protection with ProPlank™

ProPlank™ polyethylene foam products are a patented packaging product available only from Ivex. Our specially designed extruded foams are made of a high-density closed-cell polyethylene intended for high load-bearing applications. It has excellent shock absorbing and vibration dampening qualities, making it suitable for delicate electronic parts and other auto parts that require enhanced stability.

Our ProPlank™ packaging also boasts superior weight-bearing strength than other polyethylene foams on the market. With over twice the density of our normal ProFoam™ sheets, ProPlank™ is suitable for larger and heavier auto parts that require protection.

ProPlank™ is fully recyclable as well as CFC- and HCFC-free, making it a suitable packaging material for environmentally conscious auto industry companies and distributors.

Custom Corrugated Solutions

Ivex can die-cut our singleface corrugated material into a wide variety of custom-engineered protective packaging solutions for auto industry clients. We have a wide selection of sizes and corrugated board grades available to suit different auto industry needs. For instance, we can convert the singleface corrugated material of your choice into corner protectors, corrugated board frames, protective inserts, and other products specially made for a particular part or component you sell.

Singleface corrugated products are also an economical and fully recyclable choice for protective packaging for auto industry companies.

Flexible Protection With ProFoam™

The complicated and widely varied structure of automotive parts require a versatile and flexible packaging solution. ProFoam™ is a line of high-quality polyethylene foam products brought to you only from Ivex. Our low-density foam rolls are non-abrasive yet resilient packing materials that are designed to efficiently replace bulkier, heavier packaging materials. ProFoam™ rolls are resistant to moisture and corrosion, and can provide good thermal insulation over a wide range of temperatures. All of which can help protect your products more effectively during shipment.

ProFoam™ also features a low-slip and high-cling surface that allows this material to provide excellent surface protection and security for your valuable items. The cohesive qualities of ProFoam™ allow it to protect expensive auto part finishes without adding excess weight or bulk to your shipments.

Keep your supply chain moving with Ivex

Ivex’s innovative and fully customizable solutions for automotive packaging and shipping can help you stay competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. Don’t let packaging and shipping supply issues keep parts on the shelf. Contact our team today to find the packaging solutions that can streamline your supply chain.