ProFoam™ Polyethylene Foam

ProFoam™ Polyethylene Foam

ProFoam™ is a line of high-quality polyethylene foam products brought to you only from Ivex. Our low-density foam rolls are nonabrasive yet resilient packaging materials that are designed to efficiently replace bulkier, heavier materials. ProFoam™ rolls are resistant to moisture and corrosion and can provide good thermal insulation over a wide range of temperatures. Their low-slip and high-cling surface allows them to provide excellent surface protection and security for your valuable items.

ProFoam™ rolls are CFC- and HCFC-free and are made from recyclable materials. The lightweight nature of the foam also helps to reduce shipment weight. ProFoam™ rolls are an environmentally friendly and economical solution to your packaging needs.

Product Specifications:

  • Available in 48″, 60″ and 72″ wide rolls.
  • 1/32″, 1/16″, 3/32″, 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″ and 1/2″ thickness


ProFoam™ Laminates

ProFoam™ is a line of high-quality polyethylene foam products brought to you only from Ivex. ProFoam™ laminates offer the same properties of regular ProFoam™ with the addition of a substrate. Custom substrates can add an extra layer of protection against punctures, tears, and abrasions, or offer special capabilities such as adhesion, as well as insulation and vapor barrier characteristics when using foil.

Laminates can be custom manufactured to suit a specific purpose or to protect against specific environmental factors. Contact Ivex to speak with one of our experts about the available options for your ProFoam™ packaging.

Product Specifications:
  • ProFoam™ laminated with brown kraft paper. Suitable for writing as well as additional product security.
  • ProFoam™ laminated with a cohesive substrate that offers superior self-clinging capabilities.
  • ProFoam™ laminated with an adhesive substrate for enhanced protection and stability.
  • ProFoam™ laminated with film. Adds protection against moisture and corrosion.
  • ProFoam™ laminated with reflective foil. Increases insulation and vapor barrier properties for temperature-controlled products.

Converted ProFoam™

ProFoam™ is a line of high-quality polyethylene foam products brought to you only from Ivex. Prefabricated ProFoam™ pouches are suitable for protecting medium- to lightweight objects from damage during transport and storage. Convenient dispensers are a cost-effective and labor-saving product for packaging and shipping at a high volume.

Our polyethylene ProFoam™ is a nonabrasive, non-marring material suitable for delicate items that may be prone to scratches and wear. It is a lightweight and cost-effective way to protect your valuable goods during transport and storage.

Product Specifications:

ProFoam™ Pouches

  • 3/32”
  • 1/8″

ProFoam™ Dispensers

  • 1/16” x 12”
  • 1/8″ x 12”


EnviroWrap™ Recycled Foam Sheet

EnviroWrap™ offers the same high performance and resilience as our regular ProFoam™ sheets while offering an eco-friendly solution to your packaging and shipping needs. It helps to protect products from scratches and damage and is more lightweight than many other protective packaging options. EnviroWrap™ contains up to 50% recycled plastic content and is easily distinguishable from other foam products due to its dark charcoal color.

Sustainability and the environment are top priorities at Ivex. We focus on minimizing energy use, natural resources and environmental waste while still being able to provide the same high quality of packaging products.

Product Specifications:

Stock Product:

  • 1/8″ x 72″ x 550’

Non-Stock Product:

  • 3/16” x 72”
  • 1/4″ x 72”

Please note: Minimum order quantities apply.