Food Packaging & Processing

PE Laminated Bakeable Trays

Polyethylene (PE) laminated bakeable trays allow you to produce, transport, sell and serve edible goods all from one container. Bakeable trays can not only replace your existing baking trays, but also eliminates the need for shipping containers. Lids are available, or the entire tray and product can be shrink-wrapped for shipping and retail presentation.

The trays come as one flat pack piece with PE lamination, which allows you to cook without the use of sprays. It is great for portioning as it can be opened for serving and then resealed for storage.

PE laminated bakeable trays are made from condensed paperboard material. Both the tray material and the polyethylene coating are completely recyclable, making them an eco-friendly option for food service and retail.

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Microwaveable Pads

We custom manufacture microwaveable trays, pads and sleeves for your food production needs. Each of these products is laminated with a susceptor, which allows products to be browned and crisped in the microwave. This is achieved through a thin layer of aluminum on a PET film, which is laminated to thin paper. Products come out of the microwave crisp in mere seconds rather than the time it would take to bake in a traditional oven.

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Bake-In Liners

Laminated or corrugated board liners are a labor-saving product that eliminates the need for oiling, spraying or washing of baking trays. Liners can simply be removed before cakes are decorated or can be used as part of the shipping container, saving you extra steps such as depanning. Corrugated bake-in liners provide structure for layer cakes, while single-face liners can add stability to heavier items such as fruit or loaf cakes. Custom colors are available for festive occasions or sports team celebrations.

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