Packaging Solutions for Electronics

Electronics packaging
Manufacturers, distributors and retailers of electronic equipment know that their products have special packaging and shipping needs those other industries never have to worry about. Without the right protective packaging, these companies risk expensive products and equipment being rendered useless before it reaches the hands of the end user. Excess vibration, extreme temperatures and moisture are all factors that can quickly ruin electronic goods.

Ivex provides solutions for protecting delicate electronic goods without passing on large costs to the end consumer. Whether you need to protect small electronic components or large appliances, trust Ivex products to deliver your goods safely and securely.

Superior Vibration Protection with ProPlank™

Ivex’s patented ProPlank™ extruded foams are a high-density closed-cell polyethylene product intended for high load-bearing applications. It has excellent shock absorbing and vibration dampening qualities, making it suitable for delicate electronics and other items that require enhanced stability.

ProPlank™ also offers over twice the density of our normal polyethylene foam products, making it suitable for larger, heavier electronic equipment loads. Ivex can die-cut extruded foam products to your exact specifications to securely fit your electronic goods.

ProFoam™ for Insulated Shipping

ProFoam™ is a line of high-quality polyethylene foam products brought to you only from Ivex. ProFoam™ offer the same high-cling and resilient properties of regular ProFoam™ with the addition of a substrate. Custom substrates can add an extra layer of protection against punctures, tears, and abrasions, or offer special capabilities such as adhesion.

ProFoam™ laminated with reflective foil acts as a heat deflector. This laminated foam packaging offers insulation as well as vapor barrier characteristics to keep electronic parts from damaging heat and moisture from condensation.

Laminates can be custom manufactured to suit a specific purpose or to protect against specific environmental factors. Contact Ivex to speak with one of our experts about the available options for your ProFoam™ packaging.

Custom Corrugated Products

Ivex can die-cut our singleface corrugated material into a variety of custom solutions for protective packaging. Available in a variety of sizes and corrugated board grades to suit different needs, we can convert material to corner pads, frame liners, gift boxes and other custom products.

Singleface corrugated products can be easily combined with our polyethylene foam products and bubble wrap for an all-in-one, self-shipping solution for your sensitive electronic goods. The end user need not worry about loose or mishandled packaging damaging their expensive purchases.

Choose Ivex for Custom Packaging Solutions

Innovative and economical solutions to complex packaging problems are at the center of Ivex’s customer service model. Our team of designers is ready to protect your valuable electronic items with a fully custom solution that utilizes the quality materials and manufacturing capabilities that Ivex has to offer.

Contact Ivex today to learn more about our all-in-one total packaging solutions.