Packaging Solutions for Food Processing

food packaging
Packaging is just as important as any other ingredient in food manufacturing and processing. From the farm to the customer’s table, the packaging you choose should increase the shelf life of your food products, keep them safe during shipping, and add to the customer’s perceived value of their purchase. This is why your products need solutions that will not only preserve and protect them, but will help to keep your prices competitive.

Ivex offers custom food processing and packaging solutions that are designed to increase your workflow and reduce your labor costs. These are savings that you can pass onto your consumers and reinvest in your products. We offer innovative and economical alternatives to traditional bakeware and packaging that helps you achieve this goal.

A few of the food processing products our current partners are using include:

All-In-One Food Packaging

Polyethylene (PE) laminated bakeable trays allow you to produce, transport, sell and serve edible goods all from one container. Bakeable trays can not only replace your existing baking trays, but they can also eliminate the need for shipping containers. Lids are also available, or we can shrink-wrap the entire tray for safer shipping and more appealing retail presentation.

Time-Saving Innovations

We custom-manufacture microwaveable trays, pads and sleeves for your food production needs. Each of these products is laminated with a susceptor, which allows products to be used in the microwave and allows them to aid in food browning and crisping. This is achieved through a thin layer of aluminum on a PET film, which is laminated to thin paper. Foods cooked in our sleeves and trays come out of the microwave crisp in mere seconds rather than the much longer time they would take to crisp in a traditional oven.

Economical and Environmentally Friendly Options for the Food Processing Industry

Ivex is committed to not only saving your company time and money with our innovative packaging solutions, but to helping the environment as well. Our polyethylene and singleface corrugated products can all be completely recycled by your customers. Improving your brand image as an environmentally conscious producer is just one way that Ivex can help you stay competitive in your industry.

Contact us today to learn more about all of our beneficial and environmentally friendly food processing products.