ProLam™ is a line of durable laminated polyethylene foam products brought to you only from Ivex. Our polyethylene foam products are suitable for protecting products that are high in value and relatively fragile. Polyethylene products are also completely recyclable, helping the environment by reducing landfill waste.

ProLam™ Laminated Polyethylene Planks

ProLam™ laminated foam is made from layers of extruded polyethylene foam that have been laminated together. This foam features a closed-cell construction that makes it resistant to water, grease, and chemicals, as well as impervious to mildew, mold, rot and bacteria. ProLam™ is a highly versatile and durable material that is suitable for protecting equipment and materials that require high shock absorption or blocking and bracing during transport. It is resistant to tearing and is a more durable and heavy-duty alternative to normal polyethylene foam.

ProLam™ is also lightweight and recyclable, as well as CFC- and HCFC-free, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for impact-resistant packing and shipping needs.

Ivex can manufacture ProLam™ to any specifications needed for your company’s needs. Contact us today to speak with our experts on custom packaging options.

Product Specifications:

  • 1.2, 1.7 and 2.2 lb/ft³ densities available
  • 2” x 48” x 108” Standard Put-Up
  • Available 1” to 4” thick


ProLam™ Plus Laminated Polyethylene Planks

ProLam™ Plus features the same versatile and durable ProLam™ polyethylene foam with the added protection of a 1/8″ laminated top cap of super-high-density polyethylene foam. This enhances the strength of the lower-density ProLam™ foam, helping to offer superior protection and strength with less bulk. This reduces the shipping costs and storage space from additional layers of foam.

Contact Ivex for product specifications.