Packaging Solutions for Third-Party Logistics

Packaging and product fulfillment are the backbone of retail and distribution companies worldwide. It’s thanks to third-party logistics companies that products can be shipped all over the world, no matter the product or the customer’s location. Your retail partners depend on your fulfillment centers to get their products into the hands of their customers. You need a complete packaging solution that you can depend on.

Ivex has over 40 years of experience in developing innovative and effective packaging solutions for third-party logistics companies. Streamlining your packaging processes helps you stay competitive, and Ivex can help achieve this goal through our all-in-one packaging solutions, space-saving materials, and completely customizable options that we deliver exactly when you need them.

Singleface Corrugated Products

Ivex’s singleface corrugated products are an economical and time-saving choice suitable for flat products that require protection and cushioning, such as magazines, books, artwork, and other printed materials. Singleface corrugated boards are made to be puncture resistant, protecting your valuable items during transit. They are also fully recyclable, helping to reduce raw material usage and reduce your operation’s environmental impact.

Our cohesive corrugated products allow your company to pack and ship products without the need for a separate shipping container. Cohesive corrugated board creates a self-mailing, sealed package without the need for heat or adhesives. A variety of sizes, colors, grades and flutes sizes are available for a fully customized singleface corrugated packaging solution that third-party logistics businesses can rely on every time.

Optimize your workflow with Ivex

The economical and time-saving packaging solutions offered by Ivex are the first step towards optimizing your third-party logistics operation. Our solutions allow you to pass your savings on to your customers, keeping you competitive in an ever-changing and growing marketplace. Our wide array of recycled and recyclable products also allows your company to take extra steps toward reducing its carbon footprint, too.

Contact our team today to learn more about the benefits that you and your customers can share from our innovative packaging solutions.