Quality products protecting quality products

At Ivex, we understand that the quality of our products isn’t just an extension of our reputation, but of our customers’ as well. When you choose Ivex as your packaging partner, you are choosing a vertically integrated, streamlined operation that can get you what you need from start to finish for your packaging solutions.

Below is a list of packaging products that we specialize in. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact our team for more information about our custom packaging options.

Blocking and bracing

Our engineered foam packaging is the perfect combination of quality and efficiency. We offer standard and custom foam molds to keep your most precious products secure during transit. With our quality assurance and attention to detail, we make sure that as little material as possible is wasted, which means you can offer more competitive pricing to your customers, and your global impact is reduced.

Not all products require foam molding for protection. For more durable products, we offer several options of bubble sheets to protect the integrity of your product while it ships.

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Surface protection

We offer polyurethane (PE) foam protection for products that require surface protection within the packaging. PE foam is nonabrasive, lightweight and resilient. It also holds securely in place due to its low-slip, high-cling properties. This type of packaging is ideal for protecting screens (laptop, phone, camera, etc.) from scratches during transit.

Because PE foam is made of recycled materials, it cuts down on the environmental impact of packaging materials. It’s also a great replacement for bulkier packaging materials, thereby further reducing environmental waste.

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Food packaging

Produce, transport, sell and serve, all from just one container. PE-laminated bakeable trays and susceptors will replace your existing pans and your shipping containers as well. The trays come as a one flat pack piece with a PE lamination that allows you to cook without the use of sprays. It is great for portioning as it can be opened for serving and then resealed for storage. A bakeable tray not only replaces your existing baking tray, it also eliminates the need for shipping containers. Lids are available or the entire tray can be shrink-wrapped for retail presentation.

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Void fill

Bubble rollstock is commonly used to protect lightweight products for sliding around within a standard-sized box. By stuffing the extra space with bubble roll, you can help prevent your item from bending or becoming damaged within the box during transit. The light air bubbles provide added cushion to your product, while the polyethylene lining contains a minimum of 15% recycled material, thereby helping to reduce the environmental impact of the packaging.

This type of void fill packaging is economical and can help protect your product while reducing your packaging cost.

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Flexible cushioning

Depending on the size and durability of your product, you may not need to invest in a full foam mold for shipment protection. In many cases, flexible cushioning such as singleface corrugated rolls and bubble rollstock will suffice to keep your product from scratches, dents or other damage while in its original packaging.

Designed for cushioning and puncture resistance, singleface rolls are designed for cushioning and are puncture resistant, and are ideally suited for flat products that need protection. Bubble wrap is more flexible and can be shaped to carefully fit each product for added protection.

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Temperature containment

Cold chain bags ensure that your product remains the correct temperature throughout the duration of transit. This type of packaging solution is ideal for both the food and medical industries, as well as any customized product that requires temperature regulation. Temperature containment packaging can be used in addition to other packaging methods, if your product is both temperature sensitive and breakable.

We encourage you to reach out to our team if you have any questions about adding additional packaging materials to the cold chain bags. We will work with you to ensure that the additional material does not disrupt the bags’ ability to regulate temperature.

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Construction products

Products like PE foam underlayment and bubble reflective insulation are ideal for any construction project that requires flooring and/or insulation, respectively.

Bubble reflective insulation is easy to install and helps to reflect radiant energy. It also resists the growth of fungus, mold and mildew. Flooring underlayment is necessary to reduce sound travel between upper-level floors to the living space below. It is easy to install and comes in packages of 100 rolls.

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