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iVEX is a global packaging company offering an extensive array of protective products, food packaging, merchandising and insulation and acoustic building materials.

Building Products (4)

Building Products
Today, the highest levels of comfort are required for our houses and buildings. iVEX has a product to meet these needs. Whether it's a general floor underlayment or a high end acoustical floor application we can take care of your requirements.

Bubble Cushioning (1)

Bubble Cushioning
Bubble cushioning material is ideal for protecting from damage caused by shock and vibration, and is available in both regular and anti-static grades. It can be easily converted into pouches, sheets and tubing and laminated with custom substrates to fit your specific packaging requirements.

Cold seal (4)

Cold seal
Cold seal packaging products are designed to instantly seal by the use of pressure, not heat, to create a strong lightweight package that will reduce movement during shipping or handling. The packaging sticks to itself, not the product.

Foam-In-Place (2)


Food Packaging and Processing (3)

Food Packaging and Processing
iVEX offers a full range of specialty food packaging materials for the many needs of the food industry. We cater to food manufacturers by offering a great variety of food wrapping alternatives that take heating or reheating into consideration.

Merchandising Products (7)

Merchandising Products
iVEX provides a full line of merchandising products to help promote your products.

ProFoam™ Polyethylene Foam (1)

ProFoam™ Polyethylene Foam
ProFoamTM polyethylene foam provides excellent surface protection and light cushioning for everything from automotive parts to furniture.

ProFoam™, ProLam™ and ProPlank™ Engineered Foams (3)

ProFoam™, ProLam™ and ProPlank™ Engineered Foams
ProLamTM ProPlankTM and ProLam PlusTM Polyethylene planks closed cell structure gives them high resistance to scratches and impacts. This lightweight, flexible material provides excellent cushioning properties.

Protective Mailers (10)

Protective Mailers
iVEX offers the most extensive line of protective mailers in the market to meet the needs of your packaging requirements. iVEX's protective mailers are durable and resilient.

Singleface Corrugated (1)

Singleface Corrugated
iVEX singleface is a rigid, resilient and recyclable paper based packaging material. Any combination of flutes and paper grades can be produced to meet your packaging needs. iVEX offers a variety of custom widths and sizes that are flexible enough to meet all your applications. Our products reduce the need for separate wraps, pads, and sheeting. par-sel-rapTM is the protective solution for your packaging needs. We have the resources and capabilities to custom engineer or convert custom die cuts and build-ups.

Speciality Industrial (7)

Speciality Industrial
iVEX singleface and doubleface materials are rigid, resilient and recyclable. These materials are ideal for protective cushioning, liners, custom die-cuts, special folds or gluing. iVEX excels at special projects... liquor or wine promotions, gift boxes, shelf organizers, or any project that needs a definite structure. Unique shapes and die-cuts are our specialty.