Base Wrap

Base Wrap can effectively be used in national and regional programs for product identification, in-store sampling, store fronts, pallet displays or even for sales as a product for home use.

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Base Wrap



Our Pre-Print achieves exceptional solids and very fine detail in a wide range of process and/or line printing. We print on varies substrates up to 60" wide.

  • High quality, with clear images and photos.
  • Strong durability and water resistant.
  • Multiple in-store uses for uniformity in each location.
  • Can be die cut in line to increase cost savings.
  • Print up to 8 colors and film laminates all in one pass.
  • Can be printed on many types of stock.
  • Proven attention grabber.
  • Aesthetically clean with no ridges.
  • Very cost efficient in large volumes.
  • Easy to kit as part of a promotional package.