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Protection type

iVEX has the solution that is right for your product and cost effective for your business. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with a convenient one-stop choice for all your needs, whether you deliver food or furniture.

Blocking & Bracing (3)

Blocking & Bracing
iVEX's provides a variety of packaging solutions that protects products that are larger and heavier from damage caused by movement during shipment. Heavy industry such as automotive and aerospace use iVEX engineered foams for blocking and bracing.

Flexible Cushioning (6)

Flexible Cushioning
Flexible Cushioning products surround the item that needs to be protected with materials such as single-face corrugated, cold-seal singleface and bubble cushioning. Manufacturing, fulfillment distribution, automotive and electronics distributors are some of the industries that regularly use iVEX flexible cushioning solutions.

Merchandising and Building Products (12)

Merchandising and Building Products

Packaging Systems (1)

Packaging Systems
Automating your packaging operation by combining equipment with packaging materials can save you labor expenses, increase productivity, increase space efficiency and maximize package presentability.

Protective Containment (10)

Protective Containment
iVEX's selection of products includes cushioned and non-cushioned mailers. The industries that often use this type of protective solution are small businesses and home offices, fulfillment distribution companies, manufacturers and retailers. IVEX mailers are an excellent value added alternative to labor intensive cartons.

Specialty Food Processing (4)

Specialty Food Processing
Specialty Food Processing solutions are used for the protection and processing of food products ensuring that it arrives fresh and in pristine condition. IVEX creates customized solutions for fast food chains, food service providers, food processors and specialty food providers.

Surface Protection (10)

Surface Protection
Surface Protection products protect items from damage caused by scratches and scuffing during shipment for a variety of markets such as furniture, injection molding, automotive, chrome finishing and electronics.

Void Fill (3)

Void Fill
Void-Fill packaging protect light weight products from shock damage by immobilizing them within the shipping container. Bubble and foam-in-bag packaging are excellent providers of this type of packaging.