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Environmental Policy

The aim of IVEX is to protect and preserve the environment by incorporating environmental, economic, and social considerations into all of the decision-making processes related to its activities. By adhering to the fundamental concepts of sustainable development and socially responsible consumption, the group acknowledges that its environmental management responsibilities are a top priority.

More specifically, through this policy, IVEX is committed to:

  • Complying with legislation, regulations and other requirements related to the environment;
  • Constantly monitoring and improving its overall environmental performance by striving to achieve or surpass its set objectives, which are periodically revised to take into account any changes affecting its significant environmental aspects;
  • Designing and operating its facilities and conducting its activities using sound environmental practices and accepted standards to prevent releases, emissions and other forms of pollution from entering into the environment;
  • Communicating the environmental policy to its employees, and ensuring they are properly trained and made aware of the importance of conducting their activities in a way that respects the environment and the principles outlined in this policy.

This environmental policy must be implemented by all of the group’s facilities, and adapted to meet any local requirements governing their respective activities, where applicable.

Paul Gaulin
C.E.O. of Ivex Protective Packaging